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Thursday, November 23, 2017

How to solve 404 error or broken link issue in blogspot?

If you have a question like how to redirect the broken link to a correct one in blogspot or 404 error in blogspot then find its guideline over here.

From this article, you will know how to go to setting in blogspot to set the search prefrence and its setting. Tips for the 404 or broken link issue is given herewith.

Try to keep ready the broken old or 404 error link and the latest active link URLs to submit, as below.

How to solve broken link or 404 error issue in blogspot blog?

Login to Blogspot account.

Go to 'Setting' (which is at the left side)

Go to 'Search preference' option under Setting option

See the "Errors and redirections" option

Now, click on 'Edit' option at "Custom Redirects" under 'Errors and redirections' field

You will now see, From and To option to enter the error URL fist and the right URL in the second one

Enter the broken link or 404 error link in 'From' option leaving or without domain name which already populated there.

For e.g. if the broken link is as  then enter in that field as /how-to-solve-404-error.html

Enter the right or active link in 'To' option without domain name which it is there by default.

For e.g. if the right link is as then enter in the field as /how-to-solve-404-error-in-blogspot.html

Now, click or check on 'Permanent' option

Click on 'Save' option.

That's it, done.

Whenever someone click on broken or 404 (incomplete / old) link, it will automatically redirect to the right or latest active link thus your blog will have no issue on either SEO terms or traffic.

Hope it explains.

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Tips: Try to see the 404 error photo / image given to get some idea.

Friday, November 3, 2017

How to check who has opened and viewed your excel file last time?

If you have a question like who would had viewed and checked your excel file last time to see its content saved by you and it was when you left your system without password or except Admin access etc.

These are some of the problems around. There is solution as well. Yes.

It happens sometime, there is track for everything not only in desktop or laptop but even in a smartphone as well. You can track and check them easily without much effort but you just need to know how to check it? The steps or tips etc.

Solution: To know this who viewed or opened your excel file, you just need to be on desktop or laptop main screen, bring your cursor (mouse) on the excel file, a small pop window or box will let you know the detail. You have to wait for few second to pop it up, or a light click on the file bring that pop-up.

I have given below screen-shot for the same.

The pop up window will show the detail as below;

File Name:
Type: Excel file or Word etc.
Authors Name: XYZ
File size:
Date Modified:

If you found that they modified date is the exact date that you left the system then have no issue. You can be cautious in case if the timing or date is different than when you left it.

Tips: It is always better to set password and let your known (trusted) one only knows it, if it is personal one. The central system in office or somewhere can't do it anything since it might have an Admin access to check it.