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Saturday, December 16, 2017

How to rotate YouTube video uploaded - Tips on YouTube setting

You might have uploaded the video on YouTube and it might be uploaded wrongly or vertical type instead of horizontal one or vice-versa. However, if you feel that the video is not uploaded in a right way as it supposed to be then there is an 'edit' option in YouTube setting after logged in where you can change the view as per your choice. You can rotate the video uploaded from right to left or left to right.

There are many options in YouTube setting which the users' normally doesn't know, so, it is better to go with each tabs to know what is the features or editing option in the YouTube setting to know if you are a YouTube video uploaders to use them effectively.

I have previously published an article on how to monetize AdSense with YouTube to earn which might be helpful for you. Now, I have published this article which might help you in case if you uploaded the video incorrect format. So, you can edit and change in the setting.

Here I have given the screen-shot which is self-explanatory on the uploaded video adjustment or trimming or other editing etc.

How to edit and change the setting on YouTube video uploaded

Login to your YouTube account

Go to your YouTube Channel

Click on a video link which you wanted to correct it

Click on 'Edit' button

Click on 'Enhancements' tab which is next to 'Info & Settings' tab

You will see a different screen where you can find various editing / setting option in YouTube Enhancement tab

Go to the bottom, where you can see 'Trim' option, and then 'right' and 'left' icon to rotate the video in YouTube as per your choice.

You can use other options given its above for more effectiveness on your YouTube videos.

Finally, you have to click on 'Save' button which is at the top right after 'Save as new Video'.

That's it, you're done.

Hope this helps you to change or edit your uploaded YouTube video to a right one. Please feel free to add comment if you have any doubt on this. Enjoy!

Tips, try to check each tab in the YouTube to know its features which might help you to get the idea and become professional YouTuber. 

I will soon write and publish on how to earn from YouTube article which might help you to get things done in a better way. Stay tuned.