Thursday, June 29, 2017

10 tips for Blogging successfully

If you are a blogger and struggling since a long and no idea on how to overcome from it or no idea on how to earn from the blog etc., then read this brief article.

10 tips for successful Blogging:

First of all don't completely depend on blogging alone for a passive income and it is not that you can't earn from the blogging but sure you can earn which can take time too beside uncertain about it anytime.

The second one is, as Warren Buffet said, don't put all eggs in just one basket. So, don't publish the different niche content on just one blog. If you are an expert and able to handle many niche blogs then try them or else stick to one or max two different niche blogs and continue blogging to contribute without any violation. 

As mega search engine policy updates time to time which sometime may or may not match their algorithm with your blog content, so, update yourself on their changes. 

In short, search engine needs unique, quality and detailed content from any blog to store in their database for their visitors search to meet 'relevancy' result to reduce the bounce rate. As a blogger, you need to remember this point beside various other factors that coming to you next.

The third one is, don't assume that there is only one source to earn online like AdSense or similar one. You just need to understand yourself and your own expertise to go with. For example, there are bloggers who earn from multiple sources and there are bloggers who just earn from one or two sources like writing about Fashion and earn or writing about technical gadgets and earn. It is all about your expertise on blogging. 

The AdSense is an online advertise program which works CPC (cost per click - naturally) and there are similar one as their competitors where they don't pay equal to AdSense these days but still OK to go with them too. 

However, AdSense revenue also poor these days and it is a different story and may again raise based on your blog content, region, CPC and a good tender from the AdWords / Advertiser, and you as Publisher.

The fourth one is, if you are a reader then there are possibilities that you can earn or get some sort of goodie benefit from Book publishers or its websites. Some people willing to read and review the book and get paid or get some stuff. So, try it if you can work with this category.

Some of the common question from new bloggers, as below;

How to create a blog?
Which one is better Wordpress or Blogspot blog?
Which plug-in is better to drive traffic to blog?
How to increase traffic to blog?
What is SEO?
What is internal link or external link or backlink?
How to increase DA (domain authority) or PA (page authority)
How to increase Alexa Rank
How to increase Moz Rank
How to get AdSense account approval
How to earn money from AdSense
Which one is better alternate of AdSense
How to earn money online
Which one is the best Affiliate Marketing
Who is the top bloggers

Your blog with social networks:
The fifth one is, if you are a blogger and no idea on blogging then try to connect with blogging community, Facebook group, Twitter group and on so that you can learn something about the blogging and its perspective. Be careful on various scam as well like guest posting, meeting, fake group or individual and all while on the go.

The sixth one is, you can trust very few blogging community and one of the top one is IndiBlogger and you can learn from them by visiting various sections, participating the contest, learn and earn online. Learn from the mistake and not necessarily you have to win the contest immediately. Again telling you that learn from the mistake first and then work for the right direction and earn accordingly. 

The seventh one is, you can participate in Twitter or Facebook contests that run by reputed Brands. I recently know one of the techie won one crore rupees (1 Crore INR) from OnePlus smartphone brand. The winner wouldn't have expected it earlier of course, anybody can win it but just need to step in to try, who knows luck may favor you too beside your time and answering effort. So, you can.

The eighth one is, sometime you might feel idle or alone while blogging and you have to patience on this field. Everyday you won't get opportunity and everyday you won't won. Don't waste your time in just sitting idle but try to share the knowledge with others by blogging about it. Or, you may search the answer for your question and learn then blog in your own way.

The ninth one is, try to use the terms like 'how to', 'pros and cons', 'advantage and disadvantage', 'tips and tricks', 'solution query' etc. on your blog posts, try to give a simple and attractive URL, one or two image adding is the better choice, write an article which shall have more than 500 words at least and present them well. You can promote your blog post rare on the social networking sites too.

The tenth one is, try to analyze the topic you write. I just suggest you to write the topic which could have huge traffic in the near future but less competitors around. I mean, one phrase, Content is King too. You can earn online from various sources including AdSense (blogger who have their blog content and Google approved AdSense account), AdWord (Apps creator / owner can earn from this source), Paid post and on.

I am just writing and sharing successful blogging tips briefly and can't write many blogs posts or few thousand words on this topic at the moment, so, go through this one and remember the words. 

Again, this post on 10 tips for Blogging successfully is just as a basic one. There are more tips to furnish anytime soon. Enjoy blogging. Please feel free to add your comment below if you would like to know something on this.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

IBM and Hortonworks joined hands to Help Businesses Accelerate Data-Driven Decision Making

Are you looking for information on Database and Cloud related services from IT firms? If so read this article to know little information on Data-Driven Decision Making initiative between two reputed IT companies, IBM and Hortonworks.

Business organization around the world has their clients' various data that they have to use for their regular business operation which also needs to be secured and retrieved always. The data is not only confidential but challenges as well to keep them secure for a long time due to various reasons like server issue, malware, phishing, hacking, cyber crime issue and on. 

Image courtesy:

So, the larger IT or third party IT companies accepts these data maintenance work from such business organization to take care of them on behalf, so, the same responsible of securing and maintaining the data's of their client increases, duration increases thus their data increases as well. 

It is not impossible to serve them but they have to face the challenges as well for a long after number of data and clients increasing further. So, Data using organization and its maintenance IT industry has to go together for a long.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Hortonworks (NASDAQ: HDP) recently announced an expansion to their relationship focused on extending data science and machine learning to more developers and across the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Would you like to know how they can work together for data-driven business? Read it then. 

The companies are combining Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®) with IBM Data Science Experience and IBM Big SQL into new integrated solutions designed to help everyone from data scientists to business leaders better analyze and manage their mounting data volumes and accelerate data-driven decision-making. 

IBM and Hortonworks partnership overview:

Companies combine IBM Data Science Experience and Machine Learning with Hortonworks Data Platform;
New fast and easy on ramp for developers to access data science and cognitive tools and create intelligent apps;
Companies to propel Apache open source projects with new code

The news builds on the long-standing relationship between the companies and includes the following:

How IBM and Hortonworks partnership will function

Hortonworks will resell the IBM Data Science Experience with HDP, a leading Hadoop distribution, and adopt it as its strategic data science platform, giving developers a fast on-ramp to data science capabilities including machine learning, advanced analytics and statistics. 

Hope you got it little bit here. Read it for more detail. Hortonworks and IBM will create new solution bundles that integrate HDP with IBM Big SQL, IBM’s SQL engine for Hadoop, giving Hortonworks’ legions of clients and users a familiar method of managing their data.

IBM is adopting HDP for its Hadoop distribution and will fully integrate it with Data Science Experience and Machine Learning. So, they would continuously work together on this. 

As a result, this solution will combine for users the rich data security, governance and operations functionality provided by HDP, and the advanced analytics and management of the Data Science Experience. IBM will migrate existing IBM BigInsights users to HDP.

IBM Data Science Experience provides a set of critical tools and a collaborative environment through which analysts and developers can create new analytic models quickly and easily. Analytic works better in every data for the stats combination. 

For example, IBM Machine Learning, found in the Data Science Experience, can speed the time it takes to build and deploy analytic models for application development by two-times, according to IBM testing.

In addition to the companies’ numerous product collaborations, IBM and Hortonworks are also founding members of the Open Data Platform Initiative (ODPi). 

Hope you know little bit about it, however if not, it was launched in February 2015, ODPi is comprised of industry leaders working collaboratively to define and promote a set of standard open source technologies and increase compatibility among big data platforms.

The expanded partnership also builds on an existing partnership and joint solutions including HortonWorks Data Platform (HDP) for IBM's Power Systems and Spectrum Scale Storage. Customers can benefit from fast access to data and a cost-effective platform for running their big data and cognitive workloads.

Hortonworks recently announced Hortonworks DataFlow (HDFTM) for IBM Power Systems. HDF, the industry’s only data ingest, stream processing and streaming analytics platform built entirely on open source software, is designed to enable customers to collect, curate, analyze and act on all data in real-time, across the data center and cloud. 

The database business to booming around. Combined with IBM Power Systems, customers can gain access to industry-leading performance and efficiency for streaming analytics. HDF is complementary to HDP and is designed to accelerate the flow of data in motion into HDP to support full fidelity analytics.

Partnering On Apache
As part of their wide-ranging partnership, the companies will also team to advance the development of Unified Governance (IBM BigIntegrate, IBM BigQuality and IBM Information Governance Catalog) on the Apache Atlas open platform. 

Atlas provides a scalable governance platform for Enterprise Hadoop which is designed to help developers model new business processes and data assets quickly and easily. Through their work, both companies plan to help advance Atlas from its current Incubator status to Apache Top Level Project status, where projects are typically released for open development and deployment.

In addition to Atlas, the companies will also partner on the advancement of Apache Spark, the open source framework for processing and analyzing large data sets across clustered environments. 

The companies will also collaborate to advance the Apache Hadoop framework itself, working to unify access to multi-vendor, heterogeneous data environments across data warehouses and databases – ultimately  aiming to simplify the environment for better value from all data.

“The combination of IBM’s data science and Hortonworks’ open and connected data platforms will benefit not only our respective clients, but also the Apache open source community because of our combined investment and collaboration,” said Rob Bearden, CEO, Hortonworks. “We’re excited about the inevitable acceleration in technical innovations that this relationship is being designed to foster, the result being smarter and more agile businesses.”
“This partnership will provide an integrated and open data science and machine learning platform that lets teams easily collaborate and operationalize data science,” said Rob Thomas, General Manager, IBM Analytics. “Incorporating advanced machine learning and deep learning capabilities, the combination of Hortonworks Data Platform with IBM's Data Science Experience and the IBM Machine Learning platform can help clients achieve improved analytic results faster and at scale.”

Pros and cons of Data-Driven business
Though there are many pros on the database driven business, there could be few cons too like a hacking etc.

Data-drive is a risky business and smooth operation required when needed which needs to be maintained for a long

The competitor of Data driven business increases

IBM, a Leader in Gartner Data Science Magic Quadrant. IBM was recently named a Leader in the February 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science Platforms. 

Hortonworks, is an industry-leading innovator that creates, distributes and supports enterprise-ready open data platforms and modern data applications that deliver actionable intelligence from all data: data-in-motion and data-at-rest. 

Note: This is a Press Release, thus, most of the points and paragraphs would be the same as PR and not to be considered as copied content overall.

Intex ELYT e7 Smartphone specs, price and features

Are you searching for the information on the latest smartphone from the Intex brand? If yes, please find the latest ELYT e7 Smartphone from Intex which released with high-end specification featuring 4G-Volte, 3GB RAM, the latest Android 7 OS and security features in it beside very competitive price.

Intex Technologies, one of the leading mobile handset player, very recently announced the launch of its new high-specs smartphone – Intex ELYT e7. The Smartphone released with sleek look a 2.5D curved glass and Fingerprint sensor beside the following specification and features. Here you go for more detail on ELYT e7 device.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

One Plus 5 release, specs and price

Are you looking for the latest Smartphone from OnePlus brand? If yes, here you go for OnePlus 5 smartphone launches, releases, technical specification, features and price detail etc.

OnePlus 5 launches date:
As of now there is no confirmed date on official launches of OnePlus 5 smartphone. However, as per OnePlus official and social sites, it has stated that this brand will launch OnePlus 5 smartphone on 22nd Jun 2017. The image looks pretty good from official advertisement. We have to wait for its launches accordingly since they have already officially informed it, so, we can get some more official detail of the device.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Google Arts and Culture online

Are you looking for Google Arts and Culture online information? If so, read this article to know more detail about it which Google was recently launched the program to remember the India's Arts and Culture beside others across globe. Yes, you may check its detail over here. As it is saying, 3000 years of the world’s fashion and style is brought together in the largest virtual exhibition project by Google Arts and Culture. The project “We wear culture” by Google is in collaboration with 183 renowned cultural institutions from around the world including India. Interesting? Read it more.
These days it has become easy to recall all those yesteryear's history and publish them online to recall and surprise about the past in the present. Using state-of-the-art technology, including virtual reality experiences and high resolution gigapixels the project allows viewers to explore, from either their desktop or through the Google Arts and Culture app, all that one wanted to know about fashion and the stories behind the clothes we wear - everything from the ancient Silk Road, to the courtly fashions of Versailles, to the unmatched elegance of the Indian Saree. Not finished yet, it has just begun, so read it completely this interesting information.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

SHARP launched Hi-tech Air Purifier with Plasmacluster and Dehumidifying function

Are you planning to buy an Air Purifier anytime soon? If yes, this is the best time to read this article to know all about the latest Hi-tech Air Purifier with Plasmacluster and Dehumidifying function launched by SHARP brand.

Sharp Air Purifier DW-E16FA-W detail:
If you are looking for the latest information on SHARP Hi-tech Air Purifier then check this article to know its technical detail, features and pricing etc. SHARP leader in innovative products like Air purification devices, recently announced the launches of its revolutionary air purifier DW-E16FA-W that combines Dehumidifying function with Plasmacluster technology.

If you are searching for the best Air Purifier then this is one of the best options to go with.

The SHARP came up with some innovation on Air Purifier product which can be used for the reason of other advanced technology used for worsening levels of air pollution due to humidity etc. so, you can use SHARP Air Purifier DW-E16FA-W to control the air pollution around and enjoy with the fresh and pollution free air atmosphere around.

Sharp Air Purifier DW-E16FA-W features:

This gadget from SHARP will help you to breathe clean during monsoons by reducing the moisture in indoor air and effectively controlling allergens. The Air Purifier will help at any condition around 365 days. 

This device can cover the area of up to 300sq. feet for air purification and 240sq. feet for dehumidification, this is one of the best Air Purifier at the moment. This has designed for today’s health conscious generation.

This super-efficient device can help its users in many ways like it maintains the humidity levels indoors while improving the air quality for those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems. What else one needed to live with finest air within polluted city area. 

The Plasmacluster technology sanitizes the living space by deactivating mold, viruses, dust mite and bacteria. They are some of the best features in DW-E16FA-W Air Purifier. This device can even reduces static charge and neutralizes VOCs and toxic gases around.

Advantages of Sharp Air Purifier DW-E16FA-W:

This is the only Dehumidifier with Plasmacluster Ion Generator with True HEPA

Active Charcoal Filter & Pre Filter for superior and holistic performance

This Air purification helps combat the significant health risks during the monsoon

The highest grade true HEPA filterremoves dust, smoke and pollen up to 99.97%

For bad odor and other smelly substances there is an active Carbon filter embedded that freshens the room from both air and surface. 

The Laundry function deodorizes room-dried laundry with a high concentration of Plasmacluster ions.

Mr. Shuvendu Mazumdar, National Manager- SHARP Air Purifier Business said: “The heavy showers during monsoon do not provide respite from air pollution as the levels are even worse than what is considered safe and poses a threat to health. 

At Sharp, we want to provide a safe breathing environment indoors through the best of technology and advanced solutions. DW-E16FA-W comes with a robust feature set that purifies the air, reduces the humidity level and makes the living space germ free which is a breeding ground for mold and fungus during this season.”
About Sharp:
It was founded in the year 1912, as a private company in Tokyo by Tokuji Hayakawa. SHARP Business Systems (India) Limited has a nationwide presence across major India cities, with a strong network of around 500 dealers. Their products in the market is Purification Products, Digital Multifunction Devices and Professional LCD Monitors. For more detail, you can visit SHARP India website as well.

Note: This is a press release, so, some info will be as it is as original and authorized to publish by the relevant company / brand / PR.