Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to get more traffic to webpage or website or blog?

This title and question is a normal one for each blogger or webmaster. How to get more traffic to my blog or site? Most of the Webmasters or Bloggers used to dream naturally about getting more traffic to their website or blog. The more traffic, the more chances of higher Page Rank, huge generating of sale leads, adsense revenue and other financial benefits. Since search engine change and updates its algorithm very often since search engine was implemented, thus it is fact that one can’t assure for huge traffic ever to their site or blog.

There are many website or company used to say or sell their product for increasing website traffic from various methods, these tactics won’t work for a long time. You would have observed tactic like Link building seller online, SEO tricks selling online and other kits to improve your website traffic etc. these methods are working just as temporary basis only.

As said, since there are so many online tips and tricks than above mentioned to get huge traffic your site but these tips and tricks won’t work for a long haul, possible for penalize to your site by the search engine. If you would like to get enough traffic, then content is the King to your site. Other than this, there are SEO optimizations well based on your site title, reasonable keyword usage, proper tag uses and most important present in a legal way.

Another scenario is, search engine used to index little late for latest articles posted in blog or site, search engine gives preference to seniority posts. However, how to get traffic to your article is the main question over here. We can simply say that you need to understand and follow the search engine algorithm, that’s it. How to know search engine algorithm? By working online and experiencing with various analyze in different stats, you can understand the search engine algorithm. Search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Rediff and Bing etc. have different algorithm based on their online business.

What is SEO and how SEO works?
This is one more related question for traffic, speaking same language is very important and better to understand each other than both speaking in a different language that they doesn’t understand each other. Yes, as such, search engine won’t understand our (human) language or text or content we post, but we human can understand search engine language to speak or to optimize based on the search engine to identify our text or content or blog or site. This is the only way you can improve your site traffic. Hope it helps, all the best. Your comment is welcome on this.