Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cheap and best Tablet PC in India

There are couples of Tablets PCs that are released with low price range recently; those tablet PCs are tagged with Rs 2999 around. After Aakash Ubislate 7+ tablet PC with Rs 2999 from Datawind, BSNL also launched their Tablet PC series with similar price range.

There are so many other low cost Tablet PCs available in India, one of them is Sylvania Tablet PCs priced Rs 2999. This tablet PCs comes with 1GHz, 256RAM, 4GB HDD and expandable up to 32GB, plus this tablet comes with additional features like 3G option, WIFI and Audio and Video etc.

You may know that one more low cost tablet Vox brand tablet PC also falls in the same price range with similar configuration, there are some more tablet PCs that comes with little extra amount and let’s say that it could be of Rs 3999 and more. You will ask where to get low cost tablet PCs in India, answer is, and nowadays you can get cheap and best tablet PCs from online service than any other showroom. There is one more low cost tablet PC name Xelectron Guru 7 inch Touch screen Tablet with 4G.

There is low cost tablet PCs in India that available in the market, those tablet PCs come with 256 RAM, 800MHz speed and 2GB internal memory. Most of the tablets PCs are introduced with Google’s Android 2.2 (Froyo) Operating System version.

Low cost Tablet PCs configuration detail:
800 MHz or 1GHz
2 or 4GB HDD and expandable up to 32GB
3G option (only in some low cost tablet PCs)
Audio and Video etc
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