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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Why AdSense revenue is decreasing regularly

Are you AdSense account holder? Do you have question like why my AdSense revenue is decreasing daily? If yes, then read this article for some help and guideline. By end of this article, you will know how to recover from poor AdSense revenue for blog.

If you have earned AdSense better once and not earning as such these days then you just need to concentrate few things first before going to next step. Yes, you might have missed to contribute at present as the same way what you did in the past.

Even if you would have contributed at present consistently as before then you would have missed to observe the various things like, niche, main keywords, basic SEO, latest algorithm updates and huge competition increasing across etc.

The next one might be as below;

AdBlocker: Most of them are using Google Chrome still so nothing to worry on this except fewer percentage who uses AdBlocker in their system or likewise app in the smartphone which decrease our revenue.

Poor bidding by the Advertiser: Make hay while in the sun shine, sometime it applies to our blogging career. Yes, though you do consistent blogging, it is possible that the topic or keywords are no more searching online or its competitors increased. 

Other than this, even if you get enough traffic, it is possible that the adv that display on your blog might have poor bidding recently which gives you poor CPC thus poor revenue altogether.

Smartphone user increases: This is one of the issue right now poor AdSense revenue and it may long last due to Smartphone era for few years. Wait, there are traffic and few clicks does happens from Smartphone as well.

AdSense member increased: As said, the competition is not only for the content but AdSense members and increasing their numbers. So, even if they increase, we still lack to think and get the AdSense, thus we have to research on this to recover from poor traffic and revenue from AdSense.

Awareness on Ads click issues: Once many unaware about Ads click and issues, now, most of the online visitors or bloggers aware about the Ad click and its consequences whether it is self click on their blog or others. So, this percentage reduced.

Pageviews issue for search engine traffic: Your blog content must be up to date, I mean the content you upload regularly must not have any issue first for crawling, originality, storing and indexing. The page shall not take time to load as well.

Bouncing rate issue for natural traffic: The bouncing rate create problem when comes to stat, so, the blog content must be very useful for the visitors and shall stay for few minutes to get the detail in order to reduce bouncing rate. The irrelevant content or scrap content can increase bouncing rate which the page totally may not be visible on search.

Page loading issue for organic traffic: As said, your blog's each page shall have simple and less KB images or videos in order to fast page loading.

This is one of the best jobs online and become self-employed as well. Your own career to begin with. The technology helps to do so and online opportunity to commence with.

So, you have to concentrate on few things again matching current requirement of the search engine tools to crawl, store and index your blog content for regular and rich traffic back to your blog. This way you can overcome from poor AdSense revenue.

Tips: If you want to earn form AdSense then you need to patient beside regular blogging contribution online.