Saturday, March 31, 2018

Blog revenue generation tips

We have already published few articles related to the above subject topic. How to earn money or how to make money from blogging. Any tips etc. Many newbies wanted to know about it and would like to know how to blog and how to get traffic to blog to generate revenue etc.

What are the sources for generating revenue online. How to begin with etc.

The question is normal one and the work is hard there though it not impossible to achieve it. We have earlier published article on tips for successful blogging that will help you to learn something for it.

As a newbie, you have to create a free or paid blog. Both the option available online for bloggers. We suggest you to go with a free blog (Blogspot or Wordpress etc.) so that you will learn slowly about the others next level. Investing money on blog without proper knowledge may give you poor result.

Once you begun blogging, you will slowly come to know about the pros and cons of blogging. It will also be possible for you to know how to make money from blogging in a right way with proper contribution.

Few tips to newbie for blogging:

You need to know which niche you are expert to blog for a long.

Select the domain name accordingly. For example, if you are a traveler and try to blog about your travel often then try to begin the domain name with travel or tour or wander or trip keyword etc. so that major search engine will know about your blog niche and will index your blog content accordingly.

Each post should have a good title to reflect the URL accordingly. So, it will be helpful for search engine to crawl, store and index, and it will be helpful fo the visitors as well.

Each blog post should contain around five hundred words with precise of the subject post. So, that each visitor can get enough info and stay for a long duration.

Few relevant internal link will be helpful though not necessary. The internal link will help your blog to increase traffic and visitors stay for a while which reduce bouncing rate too.

One of two relevant image or photo or video will give blog content extra weightage. So, try to spend very few minutes for it to enrich your blog content.

You need patience as well. Once you publish, you may not get huge traffic immediately. The search engine usually takes time to visit your blog, crawl the content, store it if original, reject it if duplicate or poor, index the quality content stored upon visitors' search via their tool based on relevant keyword input.

So, these basic things you have to remember as a blogger to begin with it. There are few more important steps there to go with. You may add comment for clarification on this.

Other than this, there are few additional way to earn money online, like some online contest that will help you to participate and win surprisingly. Yes, it happens.

Tips: Try to post at least one article per day or two articles per week at least to enrich yourself as a successful blogger who in future can generate revenue from blogging.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tips and Tricks on Cryptocurrencies or Bitcoins

The digital currency or Crypto currency is very popular across the globe for the past few years. Very few fully expert on these various crypto currencies, few becoming expert, few learning a lot and few just new so they try to do investment thus learning and investing a bit.

The crypto currency like Bitcoin was taken off well till Nov 2017 and then slowly went down its value. The Bitcoin is one of them thus it affected many who invested on it during 2017. 

Image courtesy: Forbes

The one who invested very earlier or in 2016 or even mid 2017 on Bitcoin or other coins like Ripple and on etc. got an opportunity to earn a bit.

Crypto currency movement:

The one who bought few different Crypto-currencies after Nov 2017 to date got little hurdle and possibly some lose as well. The currency value is going up slowly not as what had happened during Apr to Nov 2017 where most of them learning and interested to invest in various currencies of digital world.

You may be right now thinking or have a question like which cryptocurrency is the best to invest and how to make money etc. How to earn from crypto currency or which crypto currency is the best and how to begin with the crypto etc.

Let me tell you something, this is plainly luck as same as offline or online traditional share market. This investment might open your fortune or possibly hit you back worst. It is all depend on an individual how they learn, use relevant apps, brokerage percentage knowing upon its transaction, timing, investing coins and on.

Also, time being you have to forget the investment except tracking it wisely. You can observe the movement of the currency and decide accordingly. What are the things to remember when investing on crypto currencies? Let me tell you about it in a generic way.

Tips to earn from Crypto currencies or Bitcoin:

Try to learn a bit from your friends who invested and trading it though completely not depend on their comments

Try to check the relevant apps and their brokerage fees or transaction fees each time

You can invest little less amount with few different currencies and experiment yourself on its profit or loss etc. and how it behaves etc.

You need to forget your investment seriously though you can track it just and in future you can make money online for sure.

Solely depending on the crypto currency when you don't have other revenue option can put you in trouble sometime

The crypto currencies have potential features and the result might be as same as the traditional stock or share market other than profit percentage and ratio comparison.

Most people depend on Bitcoin and try to buy it, we suggest you to try some other coins as well which might you let stick with the same value or possibly give the best return of investment.

We have furnished very few points above and will try to cover more on the cryptocurrency topic soon. Till then stay tuned.

Tips: Expert knows how to handle the cryptocurrency, so, you can ask questions online from few so that many expert might help you on this.

You may also learn how to earn from Tech blogs and other sources.