Sunday, June 8, 2014

What is Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)

In this brief note, you will know what is Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), how MHL helps users and advantage & disadvantages’ of Mobile High-Definition Link etc. You can check this article to know more about MHL.

What if Smartphone and its OS works in a dummy laptop or configured laptop as it is without other system OS? Isn’t it amazing? Yes, you are going to get it in the future. Now, Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) feature from Silicon Image is going to introduce it in various branded Smartphones that will help all computer users to use it a dummy laptop or Tablet PC by just having screen and keyboard attached without any OS or internal memory or net connectivity etc.

Silicon Image is already demonstrated Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) with Dummy screen and just keyboard attached it. They got some special chip in it (Smartphone like Mediatrek brand) and just attach connector cable to a dummy laptop and operate it like a laptop or desktop with Smartphone OS and its all software's to run as same as Smartphone Laptop or SmartLaptop. 

It is not required two OS (one for Smartphones and one for laptop / desktop) and it is not required two net connectivity (one for Smartphones and one for laptop / desktop) etc. You can buy a dummy laptop with very low price from any seller. Even, if you lost dummy laptop then you will loose nothing as per its cost.

Can we use our Television or other system without Operating System as Computer? If you have question as such, yes, your dream can become true now for using a television as a computer monitor screen beside external keyboard for key function. You just need have a Smartphone without any issue and need Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) feature in it with its Micro USB to HDMI HDTV MHL Adapter HDMI TV out cable, this is one of the main interlink cable for input and output data that helps to function as computer system. This cable is available from online selling site like Amazon, eBay etc.

What if you have a dummy laptop or TV to use as PC or Laptop? Is there any technology? Yes, you can do it. This Mobile High-Definition Link technology is slowly spreading across globe among users, it can become well known soon after. This MHL tech helps to use Smartphone OS and its files to a Television or a dummy Laptop or Tab PC for working as Computer with Smartphone OS, files and net connectivity. Thus, no need to buy a separate costly laptop or desktop, you can just use your Smartphone feature with TV or dummy screen/keyboard device without OS to them as Laptop or Computer.

Note for MHL:

Micro USB to HDMI HDTV MHL Adapter / Connector can cost you maximum Rs 700/=

Smartphone with MHL chip feature can cost nothing since some Smartphones will have this feature as in-built with standard price.

TV (with HDMI in and out) or a Dummy laptop is of no cost since you have it. If you loose a dummy laptop then you loose nothing since it is of very low cost or negligible price in the market.