Friday, March 28, 2014

How to upgrade EFT system in AdSense account

As many Indian Publishers aware that Google has finally introduced EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) system for Indian AdSense Publishers. You can find the following steps to learn on how to do the setting in AdSense account to get the EFT for Indian Publisher. Here we have given the guideline on how to proceed for the new EFT system setting up in your AdSense a/c, check the steps given below. Learn how to change the EFT system in AdSense account to overcome from cheque system to EFT online? How to change hosted AdSense account to a normal a/c and on.

How to upgrade EFT in your Adsense account?

Login to your AdSense account

Go to "Account Setting" in AdSense Account and 'Edit' setting for AdSense check "hold" option 'ticked' and save it prior to 3rd week of every month or now itself till trial period of BETA. (Google now periodically update their system due to BETA, it will be updated 3rd week of every month once this process become success for AdSense payment release).

Click on the image to get it larger view

After you changed to 'Hold', AdSense team will upgrade automatically and you can see the screen as below with the following message highlighted in red color as "Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment. (Nothing to worry on your payment 'hold' status, follow the steps given below after few hours or once Google updated your a/c within few hours for new EFT system from Check process).

Now, click on "Payments" at the left side on the same screen without going anywhere. Here, you will find another screen with "Transaction History" detail at "Payment History" tab. You will also observe highlighted message in red color as "You have no valid forms of payment available – This account has no valid form of payment, Please "specify a form of payment" in order to get paid. 

Here, you have to click on "Specify a form of payment" clickable link in order to get another screen to fill the form for EFT process. When you click that option then it will automatically take you to "Payment Setting" tab under "Payments" tab at the left side of the same screen. Here, you have to click on "+Add a new form of payment" to go to the next screen.

In the next screen of Wire Transfer page, you can find few empty fields which you have to fill as per your Bank account Name and other detail matching without fail.

Enter the detail in Wire Transfer page as follows;

First field: Account Holder Name – Enter as per Bank a/c name

Second field: Bank Name – Enter Bank Name – For e.g. ICICI Bank for ICICI Bank

Third field: IFSC Code – Enter IFSC Code (you can see this code in your cheque book or enquire at your respective branch Bank to fill it here)

Fourth field: SWIFT-BIC – Enter SWIFT Code (you can enquire at your respective branch Bank to fill it here – 8 to 11 digits and it vary Bank to Bank branches)

Fifth field: Account Number – Enter your Bank account number without missing any digit

Sixth field: Re-type account number – enter the same a/c number which you just entered in fifth field. Now, you click on Save – you are done for Beta. Wait for your payment via EFT next month.

For more detail or clarification if any, you may contact directly for any query at Google help center for EFT setting in Adsense account.