Monday, January 27, 2014

List of Google AdSense revenue sharing sites

In this article, you will know some of the best Google AdSense revenue sharing sites from 2014 to date (latest updated though some of the websites de-listed on it). Find the list of AdSense API hosting websites name and detail.

There are many changes in AdSense revenue sharing API sites. Some of them added and some of the removed from the list of Google AdSense revenue sharing API hosted sites. This process of adding and removing of AdSense revenue sharing sites may continue based on various parameters and few of them is like decreasing traffic to the site, very poor content, few complaints from Advertiser, Copyrights issue, no new contents, over backlinks or SEO tricks etc.

As you may be aware that, not only few decent revenue sharing sites as they used to be and now there are of course quite a few, recently few of them newly added in their database. In case if you would like to make money online from any revenue sharing websites then I suggest you to choose two to three of the best revenue sharing sites and start writing consistently for them. 

Google AdSense revenue sharing sites 2015-16

Though there are many other revenue sharing websites to make money online but the list given here are the best revenue sharing websites. If you have time to work and can become one of the top contributor with few revenue sharing sites then please go ahead to get things done. You should have the ability to research topics, draft and post it. You can make some money from your post once it gets visitors from organic search, you need patient on this. 

Sometime earnings goes down and sometime earnings went on again, you will not really find the root cause to this change unless if you are an expert on professional SEO. Such changes take places due to various reasons and few of them are as follow;

Changes made to Google search engine's algorithm
Your old content is outdated or not searched for now
Quality and rich content info not available
No new topic or new subject article

Here, you can find the list of Google AdSense revenue sharing sites 2014-15 (own blog from Google for revenue sharing 100%)

Note: It is possible that some of the above sites have some changes in revenue sharing percentage or disabled.