Thursday, January 16, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone online

Do you know when Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone will be released? No idea, as usual, Samsung might release it on first quarter of 2014. However, it is not officially announced by Samsung. 

There are many rumor news online for which they are talking about Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released soon or within Jan 2014 and some stated that Galaxy S5 could be released early in Feb 2014. Some of the website have mentioned rough specs of Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone compare to Galaxy S4.

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 online? Will it be available online to buy? Will Amazon sale Galaxy S5 online or Flipkart sale Galaxy S5 online once it is launched? Is there any pre-launch news from Samsung? No idea still. There is no sign yet from Samsung and all are going blind with S5 topic, this is the world news at the moment. Hopefully S5 will have Android's latest version called KitKat 4.4 OS and this is what we can assume.
Let us wait and see, how and when Samsung is going to bring out their product called Galaxy S5? What would be S5 specification, what would be S5 price and how can we compare S5 to S4 and so on. Time being we can't just put its approx specs detail over here to catch you all.

Whatsoever, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be one of the best gadgets to grab.

There is one more news, we have to write about it and it is nothing but forthcoming Apple's iPhone 6 release date, specs, price and review etc. though it is just news what we are getting around the net. I think it is also not good that if we roughly write about upcoming Apple's iPhone 6 release date, specs, price and review