Friday, June 28, 2013

How to check vehicle has traffic pending Fines by SMS

There are some SMS which are really helpful for many, whether it could be of Railway booking SMS or any other travel related message or Gas booking message and so on. One of the best free SMS is on checking your's or other's vehicle register number message to RTO office. Yes, now you got the point, you can send free SMS to check about any vehicle's registration number whether particular vehicle is liable to pay any pending Fine to Traffic department or not for its violation.

If you have an Airtel mobile number then it is completely free for you to send SMS to RTO to know your or other vehicle's register number status on the spot to know whether it has liable to pay any Fine fees or not. Follow the below procedure to know whether your's or other's vehicle has any pending fine against violating traffic rules.

Get the Airtel number mobile which is free service:
Type as BTIS FINE Vehicle number and send message to 52225

For example: BTIS FINE KA011234 and send it to 52225, here the actual vehicle number format is KA01 1234 but you have to type them without any space or gap. For more detail or any doubt, your comment below is welcome.

Monday, June 10, 2013

iPhone 6 to beat all Smartphones

Are you looking for information on Apple's iPhone 6? If so, you are in the right page at the right time. Here you can find top one smartphone in the world and it is nothing but Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 for its fan across globe. 

After Apple's iPhone 5 and its record break sale across globe, now Apple is stepping ahead for next trend product and about to launch its latest version iPhone 6 at any month in the future. 

There is no competitor for Apple at present for this model and may be other branded company can try for similar type smartphones with little different pattern. However, Apple product is in heart for many users across globe for high definition smartphones and iPads.

This phone can beat many other branded smartphones and iPhone 6 can let you forget all other smartphones which you have currently. Yes, instead of mentioning here iPhone 6 Specs, Price and Review, you can find its performance online itself to know about it which is beyond the imagination and specs detail. Possible that company like Sony, Samsung and all have to compete with this.

However, we will write soon about iPhone 6 Specs, Price and Review here. Check this link to more live detail about Apple's iPhone 6 smartphone.