Friday, February 8, 2013

Top Technology stories of the year

Every year, there will be some outstanding invention from the Tech world, the innovation can be from the USA, Europe, UK, Asia or other parts of the world and it can be from any old technology industry or a latest one. We are collectively presenting here some of the outstanding products or news of the tech world for the whole year.

Top Tech news for the year

As we expected since 2011, finally in 2012 – Microsoft launched Windows 8 OS that change the historical success comparing Windows 7 OS. Other than this, Facebook story – as you are aware Facebook social networking site is huge success online after chasing its competitor like Orkut, Twitter and so on. 

You might have known that IPO (Initial Public Offer) from Facebook and its changes in 2012. Facebook is becoming even more success on tech or online world with crossing previously unaware valuation of $100 billion. Google IPO release news is little different story in NASDAQ with different result against Facebook IPO. In addition, Facebook purchasing Instagram was hot news on tech world in 2012.

Another turning point and widely spoken topic in 2012 is Cloud Computing and server technology improvement. Though we have heard Cloud computing development for the past few years – but in 2012 it has utilized by various small and large organization for their business.

We can say 2012 is helpful for Pinterest, this is just because of many would have unknown of Pinterest website and its usage for sharing photos or albums etc. in 2011 and prior. Huge success for Pinterest in 2012 that one of the hot tech news – members can pin objects of interest online and can share with anyone, this development has the glance of the online user from the social media to a different Social networking site. Sources say that, Pinterest is the third most visited social networking site in the US after Facebook and Twitter.

Another milestone from Google in 2012 is – what is that? Google trialed Driverless car from various apps and tech innovation – this is somewhat like an imitative of GPS related,  Google's Android and so on innovation from Google.  Driveless car from Google can take time to enter commercially. As per source, Google has made test over 300,000 miles of accident-free trial.

Again from Google – 2012 is very interesting and innovative from Google, this time Google introduces Google glass  naming Google X, this device is made fornext generation innovations. As per source, Google glass / spec is coming with the facility such as a camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a 0.5 inch display.

2012 won't end without the Apples' launches of any one product at least. Yes, Apple stand unique in tech world – no one can beat it though Apple's competitor a lot in the world from every corner. As you are aware that Apple's iPhone release in September 2012 was one of the highly anticipated events in tech world. 

Apple did not disappoint anyone of its consumer and the new iPhone is thinner, lighter and has a bigger screen size that sold out more than 4 million iPhones in the first three days after launch.  As world knows, Apple rocks on its unique successful product launches such as iPhone 5 and Apple's iPad mini in the same year. Other than this, Apple has won copyright infringement issue successfully.

Samsung, how about Samsung in 2012? – yes, this tech industry has changed the history of larger organization in competitive products. Galaxy series from Samsung mobile has got it back its previous customer once again. Other than this, Samsung challenged the world on various tele-products and home appliances or furnishing products.

As related to Microsoft Windows 8 OS, you would have heard that Microsoft also released similar product as Microsoft Surface in the same duration – it is one of the top tech news in the year of 2012.

Nokia, though Nokia was running smooth success on the pace for the past few years in the competitive market, still it has struggled in 2011 and 2012 after launching of Smartphones and Android based apps phones. Nokia Lumia series in 2012 got little satisfaction to its customer across globe.

Nokia has again did agreement with Hmd to release Android OS gadgets in 2016-17.